September 21, 2023

Ceramic Tile Production in Bulgaria

The KAI Group is the largest Bulgarian manufacturer of ceramic tiles and the only manufacturer of glazed and unglazed porcelain tiles on the Balkan Peninsula. The Group was incorporated in 1997 and unites the plants Khan Asparuh – Isperih and Khan Omurtag – Shumen. The product range includes wall and floor ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and decorative elements (incerts and listels) for indoor and outdoor decoration.

AL Shams


The implementation of an ambitious project for modernization and expansion of the two factories – Khan Asparuh AD and Khan Omurtag AD – has turned KAI Group into one of the leaders in the industry not only on the Balkans, but in Europe as well. The sustainable long-term expansion strategy and the efforts employed by the team, helped to impose the name KAI Group as a correct partner, offering attractive delivery terms both in Bulgaria and abroad.

The overall annual capacity of the Group exceeds 17 million sq. m. of floor and wall ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. More than half the production is designated for export to over 25 countries in Europe and throughout the world. In Bulgaria the production of the two plants can be purchased in the retail and wholesale networks in the country.

When designing its models, KAI Group implements the porcelain tiles manufacturer world traditions in introducing new formats, dimensions and multicolor patterns by first adapting them to the specific nature and requirements of the Bulgarian market. The product range covers a wide variety of ceramic tiles and decorative elements that would satisfy any taste. In the design stage itself, special attention is paid to the series and models that are used in the construction, reconstruction and maintenance works in hotels and for furbishing hotels, offices and outlets.

One of the invariable goals of the company is to meet the expectations of each client and to reach every home. To this end complete solutions are offered such as series for lining the entire bathroom. These include floor tiles (terracotta and porcelain tiles), light and dark wall tiles, diversified by decorating elements (listels and incerts). Separate individual floorings are specially designed for lining corridors, common parts, fa├žades, offices or industrial premises.

Being a company specialized in the field of wall and floor ceramic tiles, including their decorating elements (listels and incerts, as well as ceramic tiles with a low water absorption percentage for outdoor use (porcelain tiles), KAI Group always selects the best professionals in the industry as its counterparts. The installed technological equipment was delivered by leading Italian companies, whereas the best Bulgarian raw materials are used in the production process, with the exception of the frits and dyes, that are imported from renowned West European companies. Due to the skillful combination of modern equipment and traditional Bulgarian production, KAI Group offers to its clients a rich choice and outstanding quality. Khan Asparuh AD and Khan Omurtag AD are the only Bulgarian manufacturers of wall tiles and floor tiles that are certified